NetPMD Contribute to IQ Geo Panel

NetPMD has teamed up with IQ Geo to be part of their latest written panel series.

In their third instalment of the series, they asked a panel of experts across the geospatial, telecom and utility industries questions about the key issues impacting our world today. The panel were asked how they think organisations can best use geospatial network data to support disaster response.

With extreme weather events continuing to rise globally, were starting to see a serious impact on critical utility and telecom infrastructure. From the Texas Groundhog day blizzard in the US, to Storm Eunice in the UK, network operators are contending with forces that can be brutal and unpredictable. Geospatial data is a key tool for helping organisations and wider society be prepared in the event of natural disasters.

The panel series discussed how at NetPMD like to adopt a “prevention rather than cure” approach at design stage in order to support future extreme weather events. VP of Network Design Patrik Lowenborg and Chief Information Officer Stuart McNeil explained how previously NetPMD considered 100-year flood events when designing, but now use the latest 500-year flood mapping to identify future risks and mitigate them.

Similarly, they now consider the impact of solar gain and increased ambient temperatures on fiber equipment cabinets and shelters to ensure they can cope with projected temperature rises.

They add that having accurate geospatial network records means you can plan your response to help ensure the swiftest possible service restoration. It can help tell you which critical customers are likely down, what assets have been impacted, and even inform where you should prioritize your work crews for maximum impact. Furthermore, it allows you to ensure you have suitable spares onboard ahead of any truck-roll to the repair. This insight will become more and more important as the frequency and scale of weather events increases.

NetPMD is proud to work in partnership with IQ Geo to address the key issues impacting the globe today using the ingenuity within both companies.