Project Feasibility

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Helping you to define the art of the possible

You have an aspiration to power a town, city, or region with modern fibre infrastructure. A metamorphic fibre network that will transform the lives of people’s homes and businesses. And what’s more, help to close the digital divide.

How feasible is your ambition? What’s likely to stand in your way?

With a team of industry experts at your disposal – offering you over a century’s worth of experience in communications infrastructure – you’ll be armed with all the information you need to make confident and informed decisions going forward. The team are equally at home reviewing third-party plans to provide due diligence where required.

Validating your objectives to better manage your stakeholders

Your technological, financial, environmental, societal, and regulatory targets and timescales are ambitious. Our feasibility work helps you to determine how viable and realistic your objectives are.

You no doubt have a multitude of stakeholders to satisfy too. Each with their own concerns and agendas. That’s why comprehensive feasibility work done at the very beginning, will help you to manage those who have a vested interest in your project.

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Rescuing people in a disaster

Unearthing the risks to reduce unplanned actions

The design and deployment of fibre networks can throw up a labyrinth of issues. Things like weather-related incidents can interrupt progress causing costs to spiral out of control. Or, mis-managed permit applications that result in lengthy hold-ups.

Risks are manageable when you know about them from the get-go. That’s why our feasibility work will shine a light on potential challenges, so that you can work to mitigate them.

We analyse information about the city or area on your behalf, and then help you to find all the answers to your questions.

Anticipating the obstacles

Our team is hand-picked for their extensive experience and deep knowledge of fibre infrastructure design and deployment.

Years in the communications industry means you develop a sixth sense for how feasible a project is, and the hurdles you’re likely to face.

Combine that insight with tangible reports, surveys, drawings, and simulations – and you have everything you need to assess the feasibility of your project. From economic viability, to the impact on the environment – we cover it all.

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