Fibre Network Installation and Integration

Installing a fibre network

What we do for you

Once the fibre network has been built, our team of technical professionals install, configure, and set-up all the active equipment that makes your fibre network happen.

You’ll see our engineers in data centres, telephone exchanges, and within communities – proficiently handling the complexities that typically arise with fibre deployment. Taking all the onsite headaches away from you.

A range of capabilities

We know that project managing the rollout of fibre across an entire city is complex and time-consuming. After all, we’ve done it multiple times.

It involves managing multiple tasks, delivered by several work package owners – while making sure cost, time, and quality objectives are being met.

We believe managing stakeholders is the key to unlocking success and keeping your project on track. And, knowing the detail, without losing sight of the strategic objectives.

Installing a fibre network

Proficient technicians

Our team is made up of fibre technicians we’re proud to mobilise onto your projects and represent your brand.

We have the perfect mix of engineers who have extensive experience working for European and global communications giants – combined with new talent, passionate about emerging trends and technologies.

Our professional installers are highly qualified to master all fibre network installation and integration services. Regardless of the nature or scope of your project, we can resource it, even at whole city level.

A comprehensive handover

With the size and scope of projects we work on – involving multiple stakeholders – we deliver comprehensive handovers to guarantee your fibre network will operate optimally.

Our dedication to your project doesn’t waiver towards the end. We offer you steadfast support from start to finish.

After all, if your fibre network is a success, then that’s a triumph for us too.

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