NetPMD Design and Integration announced it has joined the Fiber Broadband Association 

NetPMD joins Fiber Broadband Association, an organisation that is dedicated to accelerating the deployment of fiber broadband networks to ensure every community can leverage the economic and societal benefits that only fiber can deliver.  

NetPMD Joins Fiber Broadband Association

“The Fiber Broadband Association welcomes NetPMD to its membership. Our association thrives on the knowledge, hard work, and collaboration of our members, and we know that NetPMD will be an asset to our organisation,” said Gary Bolton, President and CEO at the Fiber Broadband Association. “Together, we will work to provide advocacy, education, and resources for the advancement of fiber broadband technology to close the digital equity gap and create a better quality of life for everyone.” 

NetPMD are eager to dive into the diverse committees and working groups of the association, where they’ll share expertise and contribute to professional development. 

Charlotte Griffiths, NetPMD Marketing Executive, commented “ NetPMD are thrilled to join the Fiber Broadband Association. This important development signifies our pledge to lead the way in the fiber optic industry, highlighting our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the progression of fiber broadband connectivity. We can’t wait to showcase our design and integration capabilities at the upcoming Fiber Connect conferences, connecting with industry leaders and advancing the conversation around fiber broadband connectivity”.  

About NetPMD Design and Integration 

NetPMD Design and Integration excel as global fiber network specialists, linking homes and businesses for digital prosperity. What sets us apart? Proven expertise in early-stage feasibility, comprehensive permit-ready fiber designs, and seamless integration services. From dark fiber supply to data centre provisioning, street cabinet installation, including network hardware supply and integration, we’re integral to our clients’ success. We prioritise quality without compromising cost-effectiveness, accelerating construction to connecting customers.

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About the Fiber Broadband Association
The Fiber Broadband Association is the largest and only trade association that represents the complete fiber ecosystem of service providers, manufacturers, industry experts, and deployment specialists dedicated to the advancement of fiber broadband deployment and the pursuit of a world where communications are limitless, advancing quality of life and digital equity anywhere and everywhere. The Fiber Broadband Association helps providers, communities, and policy makers make informed decisions about how, where, and why to build better fiber broadband networks. Since 2001, these companies, organizations, and members have worked with communities and consumers in mind to build the critical infrastructure that provides the economic and societal benefits that only fiber can deliver. The Fiber Broadband Association is part of the Fibre Council Global Alliance, which is a platform of six global FTTH Councils in North America, LATAM, Europe, MEA, APAC, and South Africa.

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Charlotte Griffiths  

NetPMD Design and Integration


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Connect2 Communications for the Fiber Broadband Association