Planting Trees to Offset Carbon: Our Commitment to Net-Zero Business Travel

This week, as two of our dedicated NetPMD Design & Integration team members embark on a business trip to the USA, we are proud to announce that we’re not just going the extra mile for our clients – we’re going the extra mile for our planet!

For every business flight taken by our team members, NetPMD is proud to announce that we’re planting a sufficient number of trees in Madagascar to neutralise the emissions generated during their travels. By planting trees in Madagascar, we’re not only offsetting the emissions from our business flights but also contributing to reforestation efforts that combat deforestation and support biodiversity in one of the world’s most ecologically significant regions. But why do we feel the need to take such a proactive stance on offsetting emissions from flights?

Air travel, while essential for global connectivity and business growth, has undeniable environmental consequences: planes emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere during every flight. These emissions contribute to the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming and climate change. The high altitudes at which airplanes fly means their emissions have a more significant impact on the environment, effectively being between two to four times more damaging than ground-level emissions! With the growing frequency of air travel worldwide, the cumulative impact of aviation on the environment is substantial and continues to increase.

Which is why we’re also making strides to reduce the overall number of flights we take. Embracing virtual resources and technology, we’re minimising our climate impact while staying connected with our global partners and clients. We believe that through actions like these, we can inspire positive change within our industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar, known as the “eighth continent” due to its incredible biodiversity, faces significant environmental challenges. Our decision to plant trees there reflects our dedication to global conservation efforts and our commitment to making a positive impact where it’s needed most. You can check out our virtual forest here

By choosing NetPMD for your business solutions, you’re not just partnering with experts in design and integration; you’re joining us on a journey towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a real difference, one flight at a time.