NetPMD Deliver Design and Integration Services for Oceanside, California.

The city of Oceanside, on the South coast of California, is on the way to accessing a brand new high-speed fiber network, providing internet services to the residents and businesses from a population nearing 175,000.  This coastal city, with its historic buildings and popular tourist area, lies in close proximity to numerous tectonic fault lines, experiences high temperatures and is prone to flooding, all factors that needed to be incorporated into the planning and design stages.

Working in collaboration with SiFi networks, NetPMD have completed the design for an estimated 900 miles of fiber conduit and are now focused on integration as the project reaches its construction stage: this comprises the deployment of a new Nokia 10Gig network, new street cabinets, city aggregation points, and high-speed fiber backhaul into selected and resilient LA Data Centers. Once the network is finished, almost every property that fronts a public street in Oceanside will have access to gigabyte-speed internet service, providing digital benefits and future proofing the area for decades to come, while generating a huge boost to the economy.

Mike Mason, CEO, NetPMD, said “Oceanside presented a few challenges that were overcome using our design expertise, and we are thrilled to now be delivering the network infrastructure that will serve as the underlying backbone service, for all new connecting customers. We hope this new infrastructure will generate huge digital prosperity to the city’s residents and the local tourism industry”.

Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO, SiFi Networks, said “SiFi Networks is thrilled to have commenced construction of Oceanside FiberCity®, a full fiber, open access network that will digitally future proof the city. We are grateful to NetPMD who have been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition with its exceptional design services. We look forward to working closely with their integration team as the project progresses”.

NetPMD deliver design and integration services for Oceanside, CA

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