NetPMD Deliver Design and Integration of High-Speed Fiber Connectivity to 125,000 People in Simi Valley, California.

The City of Simi Valley lies just 40 miles away from downtown Los Angeles, where it sits snugly between the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills. A hub for industries such as metal works, timber and plastics production, Simi Valley’s economy was healthy but was held back due to a lack of fast, reliable high-speed broadband: The city struggled to attract new businesses and investment, which negatively impacted the local economy and the ability to attract a skilled workforce.

Our teams oversaw the full design cycle from feasibility study to detailed engineering design of the city-wide, 10 Gig enabled, fiber optic network. The city design had many challenging complexities, including difficult topography, wildfire, earthquake liquefaction and flooding risk zones to avoid. Our expertise enabled us to mitigate these risks and develop a solution that resulted in a fully buildable FTTX network design and integration, with proactive end-to-end project governance.

With a single point of contact (SPOC), accurate city-wide duct design was delivered to enable construction, using the preferred micro-trenching method.

Now that the city is under construction, our integration services will configure the Nokia active optical equipment, deploy high speed fiber backhaul into resilient data centers and provide a robust handover to the operational teams once it is ready for service.

Mike Mason, CEO, NetPMD said “We are delighted to see our vision of delivering next generation digital infrastructure coming to fruition, improving the economy and sustainability of cities such as Simi Valley. Laying the frameworks for smart cities of the future is what we do best, and the Simi Valley project is a great example of our success”.

Keith Mashburn, Mayor of Simi Valley said “I am proud of the foresight that brought this project to our community at substantial benefit to the businesses and residents that call Simi Valley home.”

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