NetPMD & Cambridge Management Consulting to Offer Complete Flexibility in the Design and Execution of FTTX Network Deployments

The AltNet market in the UK is currently experiencing significant challenges due to the rapid increase in build costs, and the knock-on effect this has on speed to profitability.

To address these issues directly, Cambridge Management Consulting (Cambridge MC), one of Europe’s most dynamic and innovative consultancies, is working with NetPMD Design & Integration (NetPMD), a market-leading global provider of FTTX Design and Integration services, to offer a flexible and cost-effective way for AltNets to manage their design and network build.

This strategic engagement will enable Service Providers and AltNets who face cost pressures to tackle these problems directly by connecting customers faster. Cambridge MC will provide network assessment, training, permitting, and project management. NetPMD will provide FTTX network design, consulting, and integration, as well as access to construction partners.

As a turnkey joint venture, it provides unparalleled flexibility by adapting to economic changes and prioritising innovative solutions that are always current with the needs and demands of the market. Cambridge MC and NetPMD have devised a novel approach to network design that targets cost efficiency, flexibility, and speed.

Cost Efficiency: Our approach can quickly identify areas for up to 30% in time saved, as well as saving around 10% on the cost of materials, and 20% on construction costs. If companies outsource different stages of a design process, they are giving themselves more points of management. Instead, by creating blueprints for the physical network infrastructure & adopting a digital twin into the eventual as-built system, the entire process is streamlined because opportunities for increased efficiency are more readily identifiable.

Flexibility: This combined service is unique in the market because it can be turned on and off according to demand. Clients choose the capabilities of Cambridge MC and NetPMD which are most relevant to their needs.

Speed: Combining the designs and inventory management tools into a single system can save a further 10% in time, as opposed to a fragmented design process.

Mike Mason, CEO at NetPMD, said this about the new service: “The market as we see it today is going through significant changes. AltNets are facing different headwinds than was the case 12 months ago. Cost pressures to meet connected customer deadlines are key drivers with investors, who look to satisfy their returns. While consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions will continue, many businesses need to move quicker in their endeavours. Today, we are delighted to respond to their needs.”

Tim Passingham, founder and chairman of Cambridge MC, added: “We are already seeing huge amounts of change in the telecommunications market and, especially for many AltNets, there will be a large amount of consolidation in the near future. Being able to offer a single, cost-effective design solution as a partnership outsource model will be extremely attractive to many of our clients.

About Cambridge Management Consulting

Cambridge Management Consulting (Cambridge MC) is an international consulting firm that helps companies of all sizes have a better impact on the world. Founded in Cambridge, UK, initially to help the start-up community, Cambridge MC has grown to over 150 consultants working on projects in 20 countries. Our capabilities focus on supporting the private and public sector with their people, process and digital technology challenges.
What makes Cambridge Management Consulting unique is that it doesn’t employ consultants—only senior executives with real industry or government experience and the skills to advise their clients from a place of true credibility. Our team strives to have a highly positive impact on all the organisations they serve. We are confident there is no business or enterprise that we cannot help transform for the better.
Cambridge Management Consulting has offices or legal entities in Cambridge, London, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Singapore and Helsinki, with further expansion planned in the near future.
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About NetPMD Design & Integration

NetPMD designs, project manages and integrates fibre networks that enable smart cities to operate optimally in the modern world. They partner with community stakeholders to bring faster speeds, bigger bandwidth, and greater technology integration to whole cities, exploiting GPON and point-to-point technologies. NetPMD offers independent project management and design expertise to help you close the digital divide in your region.
As a partner to the leading companies for fibre design and integration, NetPMD pairs energy and professionalism to enable their customers to deliver projects at pace. They are trusted worldwide to deliver, bringing technology and over 100 years of design and integration expertise together.
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