NetPMD Secures Another NINE North America Fiber Cities

Following our in-depth design process, we have now progressed to full integration of another nine US cities.

This underlines the continued success of NetPMD within the US market. Having been involved at the outset with initial feasibility of these cities, it really is fantastic news to have been awarded the contracts to deploy and integrate these future proofed fiber networks.

The contracts cover the roll-out of full fibre infrastructure in states across the USA, many of which are now being constructed ready to usher in next-generation network speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This advancement represents some of the fastest residential speeds available in the US, underscoring our commitment to cutting-edge technology and superior service.

The scope of the work demonstrates the capability of NetPMD’s design and integration expertise, showcasing our ability to deliver scalable, advanced networks that will fortify digital infrastructure in major urban centers. By providing digital security to these cities, we not only ensure their resilience but also catalyse further investment and economic growth for residents and businesses alike.


Mike Mason, CEO: NetPMD Secures Another NINE North America Fiber Cities

Mike Mason, CEO, NetPMD

Mike Mason, NetPMD CEO, said “I’m delighted we’ve secured these contracts for the deployment and integration of nine citywide, open-access fiber networks. We take great pride in our pivotal role of transforming and future-proofing the digital infrastructure for homes and businesses throughout the US.”

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