NetPMD Achieves Official Carbon Neutrality Certification

NetPMD, a global leader in fiber network design and integration, proudly announces its official Carbon Neutrality Certification. This achievement comes after a rigorous assessment of the company’s carbon footprint and the implementation of a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy.

NetPMD Achieves Official Carbon Neutrality Certification


As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, NetPMD partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading organisation in carbon reduction solutions. Through this collaboration, NetPMD has undertaken a thorough evaluation of its carbon emissions. Primarily by identifying key areas for improvement and strategising towards a sustainable future.

The main contributors to NetPMD’s carbon emissions were identified as flights, an inevitable aspect of its global business operations. Despite the challenges associated with reducing flight-related emissions, NetPMD is determined to make significant strides in this area.

In line with its carbon reduction strategy, NetPMD chose to invest in high-quality, accredited projects provided by Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset unavoidable emissions totalling 49 tonnes. Critically, these projects adhere to the highest standards and contribute to sustainable initiatives that align with NetPMD’s values. You can learn about the supported global portfolio of verified carbon reduction projects here.

Charlotte Griffiths, ESG Officer at NetPMD, expressed the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, saying, “Becoming a certified carbon-neutral company is a significant milestone for NetPMD. We understand the importance of addressing our environmental impact, and this certification is a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices. Accordingly, we are exploring innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. These include flying with lower emission airlines and promoting alternative work arrangements to decrease the necessity for flights.”

NetPMD’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality extend beyond a mere commitment; they represent a tangible step towards a more sustainable future. Furthermore, they complement the company’s much celebrated tree planting initiative on the island of Madagascar.  NetPMD aims to lead by example within the industry, demonstrating that environmental responsibility is not just a choice. Commitment to carbon neutrality reflects not only a strategic business move but also a response to clients’ increasing emphasis on Scope 3 requirements. Therefore, its considered imperative for businesses operating on a global scale.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Charlotte Griffiths, Marketing Executive & ESG Officer

About NetPMD: NetPMD Design and Integration excel as global fiber network specialists, linking homes and businesses for digital prosperity.

About Carbon Footprint Ltd: Carbon Footprint Ltd are dedicated to guiding organisations on their journey towards achieving Net Zero. They offer a comprehensive approach to reduce emissions and pave the way for a sustainable future.