NetPMD Design and Integration Cement New Partnership with IQGeo at EMEA Meetup

NetPMD are thrilled to announce our new partnership as a global VAR for IQGeo, leaders in the field of digital innovation. IQGeo provide award winning software solutions to the telecoms and utilities industry, having the ability to powerfully model any network requirement to help create networks of the future.

This exciting new partnership was cemented by NetPMD’s attendance of IQGeo’s prestigious annual EMEA Meetup 2023, in Ghent, where our representatives Darren Mann, Director of Business Development, and Patrik Lowenborg, VP Client Solutions, presented their industry insights and our latest inspirational case study of evolving with a startup: The presentation relayed how NetPMD successfully designed 300,000 homes passed in 59 markets, across five US states, with our client, and included how IQGeo’s Comsof Fiber automated planning software featured in our work.

NetPMD presenting at IQGeo's EMEA Event as NetPMD Cement New VAR Partnership with IQGeo

We were privileged to be part of such engaging company at this most enlightening event, and look forward to returning in 2024 to continue building meaningful connections in the industry and sharing our valuable business insights.

Partnering closely with IQGeo as we move on to new opportunities brings great promise: the relationship enhances NetPMD Design and Integration services capability to help our client’s ability to design, through construction and onward as built digital assets, in order for providers to connect and serve end customers.

If you require any of these services, or have an inquiry regarding the NetPMD VAR Partnership with IQGeo, please contact us.