NetPMD Announces Partnership with Digpro

We have announced today an exciting new partnership with Digpro. The partnership will enable us to serve more and more fibre companies and ISPs at pace and scale. During the last 20+ years Digpro has become an established leader in network inventory software in the Nordic market, established as the leading software technology due to its GIS software – enabling network planning and operations for fiber optic telecom and electricity, water, gas and heating utilities.

The software combines geographic information with detailed data about network infrastructures, which is crucial for efficient planning and maintenance of small to huge fibre networks.

There is rapid global demand for (and investment in) the deployment of new fibre optic networks and the partnership with Digpro will enable NetPMD to fulfill this demand at a faster pace. We hope to leverage the dpCOM software from Digpro, and its ability to “detail design 150 homes before lunch” statement and help/support/train anyone who is using the software with their professional services. Planning, designing and ultimately maintaining and operating any fibre network is a big undertaking which will be ongoing for years to come. With Digpro’s ability to handle all aspects of design, build and network inventory, we are perfectly placed to support at any stage within the lifecycle.

Digpro software (dpCom) will enable NetPMD to standardise a lot of network designs which will speed up time to value for customers. It will also help in the early stages of planning into design to improve internal efficiencies, data cleanse and maintain data flow helping us ultimately to go into greater design detail.

Working with Digpro allows NetPMD to reinforce its commitment to providing innovative fibre design solutions that help organisations and communities achieve their goals. Speed and quality are key to reaching a connected network in an efficient manner.

Mike Mason, our CEO said “We’re delighted to be working closely with Digpro on our fibre network design projects. The GIS software is key to accurate fibre design plans and so we know we are providing the best quality design to our customers, but we can also scale our services to meet high volume demand.

We want our customers to know us for supporting entire towns, cities or regional Fiber Broadband providers using GPON technologies to provide 1Gbps or 10Gbps services to homes and businesses. We also want them to trust us to be innovative and sustainable. We’re committed to transforming communities by closing the digital divide and enabling smart cities across the UK and beyond. Our partnership with Digpro is a key part of our offer to our clients.”

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